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shuttle to one of the Fijian islands


Where they filmed Tom Hanks movie Castaway

A great resort

Where is the Steering Wheel

Holly & Charlotte


Tucker at the hotel.

flipping pancakes


Stopped on the way to Manyana for fish & chips


Buying peaches at a roadside stop


On the Road to 'Manyana'

Australian Mermaid

A favorite inlet

Buddy warming up after a swim

Shadow People

The 'pad' at Manyana

On the Rocks

Is it a shark, or a dolphin?

Waiting for the next wave

These old boys are also waiting for the next wave


Surfs up! Margret & Charlotte


Sea Eagle

Roo Crossing


The Mob

A face only a mother could love





Blue bottle jelly fish

Beach Combers

Green Island. The other side is a surfers paradise

cicada bug, noisy but harmless

One of Ali's famous desserts.



Stingrays all over the place

Petting the 'rays



25th - 30th Jan '11

The trip down to Manyana was good. We stopped at some place that ended in 'bong' and Holly and I shared a pack of fish & chips. Sure was lots of it, and good too.

We had a great 5 days at Manyana. Most of our days were spent at one of the numerous beaches around with names like 'washer woman's beach' and other wondrous names. Some too hard to pronounce.

After a day in the surf, battling the waves, some evenings my whole body hurts. But what fun! Some of those waves sure can smash you into the sand.

We spend lots of time hiking the rocks, watching the surf, and peering in the cracks and crannies of the rocks looking for sea creatures.

We spotted something in the water one day. We couldn't decided if it was a shark or a dolphin. But it must have been feeding. Lots of diving birds overhead too. Probably a school of fish. I am thinking it was a dolphin, cause if I think it was a shark I may not go back in the water.

One day Mike and I were driving over to a store, when we saw a couple of Kangaroo's grazing. Needless to say, neither of us had a camera along, oh well!

Ali's folks house we are staying in at Manyana is a great house. Lots of decks. Sleeping at night is easy with the sound of the surf continually booming.

Unfortunately Mike, and the kids have come down with a cold. Probably caught it from me! Do I feel bad! Hopefully with a days rest and recuperation they will get over it quickly.

Well everyone got over their colds and coughs, and we again tackled the beaches and dunes. What a great place.

The house we are staying in is wonderful. Overlooks the ocean. Great sunsets too.

Well this day was just great, we came across a mob of Kangaroo's. I got pretty close to them and got some good pictures. They didn't seem to be to concerned about me. There sure was some big ones!

Later on that day or the next day, we were wading amongst a school of stingrays. They would come right up to the shore where we were, easy to pet. Slimy though! We were just told to stay away from their tails. Why they were coming up to shore in that particular spot was because the fishermen would clean their fish there, and dump the guts into the ocean. The 'rays' just loved that! It was an interesting experience.

Another day we were hiking along the beach when we were warned off from the water as there were bluebottle jelly fish floating in to shore. Something to do with wind direction. My nephew said I could step on them though! Yeah, right. Sting like a bee!

Mike gives me lots of advice. For example we were on the rocks at the shore enjoying the spray off the ocean. Best spot is nearest the ocean he says! Then I see on the news that some 250 people or so a year are swept away. Makes you wonder what my nephew is thinking!

Learning a lot about the ocean, even how to catch sea worms. Yes there is such a thing. The fisherman use them for bait.

Oh yeah, the weather is so great, I wore nothing but 'boardies' and t'shirts all week! +34 today.

On our way back from Manyana, we stopped at Macrs (Macdonalds) and filled up with fast food. Macdonalds are interesting here, as they have a 'cafe\ section. Capachinos & the like, and doughnuts etc.

I should mention that the past few days, Ali has fed us some wonderful food and desserts. Good thing we were out and about everyday. Had to burn off those calories. We are now back in Helensburgh. The two girls are back to school tomorrow after 6 weeks of holidays. Mike is back to work tomorrow. Nothing planned until Tuesday evening when we are off to see 'Billy Connley' . We should have a fun time of it.

G'day Mates!

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