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Casa Grande National Monument

A cotton plant

And you wonder what does cotton make, take a peak

Devils Claw! Be careful...

The Great House. They covered it to preserve it

John and Jan in front of the great house

Debbie in front of the great house

The great house up close

John and Jan at the entrance to the great house

These holes are thought to of been sort of like windows to...

Debbie at the Ruins

Debbie and Jan at the Ruins

A flowering cactus

Today John, Jan and I went to visit the Casa Grande Ruins. It was a pretty neat place. We saw a short movie then went through a small museum. Then there was a tour guide who gave us a great tour of the Ruins.

The home there is known as the ("Great House") is still there and they think it has been there since around 1350 C.E. This is one of the largest prehistoric structures ever built in North America; its purpose still remains a mystery.

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