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After Tom checking the situation, John offered to Tow us into the...

John and Jan offering Tom some assistance

We had a leisurely morning today. We needed one. Debbie did some laundry then we all went to the Holiday Inn for their breakfast buffet. It was nice. We left Dreamcatcher around 12:15pm. Our goal was to reach another Escapees Park "Saguaro SKP Park" located in Benson, Arizona.

On our way there just before our exit to stop for gas, John mentioned to Tom on their Amateur Radio, "hey what is that smoke coming from your RV?" Tom looked in his mirror and said that is me, I don't know. So we limped to our exit to get gas at the Flying J and just as we made the turn into the gas station the RV quite. Tom realized that he had lost his transmission fluid. After inspecting it he found out that when we were having work done on the motorhome they forgot to tighten the transmission fluid hose from the cooler. Tom looked and the clamp was still on the house hanging by a thread, but there. Guess what day it was "Sunday" and around 3:30pm things were closing. After Tom looked at the manual for the RV he found out that we could only use Mercon transmission fluid, did the Flying J have it "no". So Tom and John jumped into the jeep and headed to the nearest town which was 70 miles west to pickup the transmission fluid. They closed in about an hour, but they said they would hang around for them. Thanks God for 75 mph speed limits. They made it there and back and 8 quarts of transmission fluid later we were once again on our way down the road.

Oh I forgot to say that John had a tow strap and towed Tom out of the 18 wheeler's way up into a parking lot where they made the repairs. Thanks John.

Anyway we arrived at the Escapees "Saguaro SKP Park" after the office had closed so we both boondocked for the night.

What a day!

Drove 174 miles plus (160 miles in the jeep for Transmission Fluid)

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