The RV Kids -- Our Winter 2011 Adventures travel blog

Left bright and early from the Wal-Mart parking lot in route to meet up with some friends who will be joining us on our winter trip "John & Jan Hartman".

Short time after leaving the Wal-Mart it began snowing. I mean it began some very heavy snowing. We thought what is wrong with this picture "RVs and Snow" should not be in the sentence but it was. At one point we were concerned after hearing some word that Knoxville, TN on I-40 was shut down due to snow conditions. But that was a report from around 4am.

Tom decided to continue on to Spring Hill, TN. We changed a time zone on the way to Spring Hill and arrived at John & Jan's home at 5:30pm central time. They had shoveled their driveway for us so we parked in their driveway for the night in anticipation of an early morning departure west.

Drove 554 miles today.

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