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Our home, front view

and the side view

The view from your room!

The view from the enclosed sun room

the view from the deck ( you can see the main buildings...

the entrance to Campovida, viewed from our place

The Green barn and guest suites

the swimming pool, the green barn and guest suites and in the...

So our travels are complete and a new journey begins....

We moved to Hopland California this week and the start of a new adventure. We will be working with the new owners of Campovida, helping them develop the property to become an even more special place than it is already. We hope to start a blog one day, but with so much going on right now, we thought we would send an initial update via our trip journal.

People have been asking what is the place and your accommodation like and second, what will you be doing?

The pictures included should help answer some of the "what does the place look like", although you reallly need to come see for yourself (the guest bedroom awaits).

As for what we will do, we have settled into quite a routine

Jill Has taken over as the tasting room manager. Since the ownership of the tasting room is transitioning, and the current tasting room manager just left, there is a lot to do! She will also manage the wine club, so she is quite busy. Now they are looking for someone to help part time in the tasting room and Jill has other "to-do" items as well, but for now, you'll find JIll in the tasting room!

Tom dabbles in quite a few things - you can find him most days in the garden - signage, helping with the spring planting, pruning roses and determining what to plant and how to use it!

He also may coordinate the Campovida Harvest Century bike ride. It looks like we may take over an existing ride and hopefully put on a good show. For all you cyclists, we'll keep you updated.

With his leftover time, he helps try to reduce energy consumption on the property, analyses possible solar conversion, helps Julia in the tasting room, cleans dishes and just about anything else that seems to need a person to take care of it.

And then with our remaining time we will help support all the events that are already on the calendar - movie nights, weddings, off site business meetings, countywide wine tasting days, Do lectures, Farm to Table dinners (check us out in Sunset magazine in March), etc., etc.

It will be very busy, but it is wonderful to be in a space as beautiful as this, so the work will be enoyable. Oh yeah, and there are a lot of perks - like having the executive chef at a high end restaurant prepare dinner for 8 of us, while sipping glorious wine from various vineyards. Yep, that's part of the job too!

We hope you have time to visit us here, the master suite is almost ready for you!!


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