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28th November

Childers, just south of bundy 

Woke in time to try out every bit of gym equiptment in the park before our film. It was a silent movie staring Busta Keaten called Steam Boat Billy Jr.  It doors were open and we went into the wooden building built in 1928. The same old man who had opened up and sold us the tickets came onto stage to tell us a little bit about it's history. Apparetly it had started showog talkies along with being the main function room for the town but then a bus load of tour guides had asked to see a silent movie. The man played organ the whole way through making it up as he went along. They loves it and spread the word, he says since the 80s it has een more profitable to show silent movies. It's the only picture silent movie picture house in the world.

He pulled the curtains, started the film and played his organ for background music. He said for us to make as much noise as we like, answer our phones and talk out doesn't matter! 10minutes in and some old women come in the doors at the back. He stops playing and says sorry about this but a bus load has just came, stops the film, sells them tickets and starts the whole thing again. Brilliant. It actually made it better having the old fogies in, try laughed and commented on every misfortune of the main clown only adding to the comedy. Better than just the 10people which the first showing started for. The film was actually ery entertaining. It's the one where a wall of a house falls around him and he just stays standing through the window. Amazing to think all the stunts were real and performed by him personally. Aparently he had broken his neck 4yrs earlier, hadn't realised, took and asprin and carried on. The break hadn't been discovered until after he had done all the stunts in this film! He acted like a classicaly trained French clown, reminded me of Jono.

After the excitment we embarked on a beach crawl down the sunshine highway. We started in Noosa Heads a busy and rich area with the typical tourist and surfing beach. We then had a brief sunbathe on a few patroled beaches where the sea was rough. One beach we drove to the rocky edge to sit right infront of huge waves crashing. 

We made it down to Moolooaba with one more beach to go before we had collected the set and found an information point. I realised i wasnt going to get my surf lesson so we were browsing through walks through the glasshouse mountains when matt saw a photo of nesting turtles. The season has started and you can see them from Bargara, near Bunderberg. A quick chat to the lady, and a man from Bundy who had overheard us, and our minds were made up. We turned the van around straight away and set out on a 4hr drive further North than we've been in this section.


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