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Catarata de Gocta

The Larger Bottom Section

Today I went to se the waterfall known here as Catarata de Gocta. It was a very hilly two hour hike in and a rain soaked two hours back out. About midway the trail went right through a shed where a man was pressing juice from sugarcane. He had a pole, about 16 feet long, centered on a spindle that was coming up from the roller press. There was a donkey attached to the pole and walking in circles as the man fed the canes into the press. He told me that the juice was for making chicha, a traditional Andean type of beer. Corn is normally used for this beverage, but this area is approaching the jungles of the Amazon and sugarcane is more abundant.

The falls were quite impressive. It was a narrow stream but it drops 2544 feet, ranking it 15th in height world wide.

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