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Bridge to South Padre Island

Welcome to the island

Pelican at the pier

Sunset at the park

Tour boat at sunset


Drift ahead

Clean up time

Piles and piles

A few feet high





Sunset #2





Jan 17 After a 4 hour drive, we arrived in foggy South Padre. The sun came out shortly after, then a beautiful sunset.We will be here for at least 4 days. On the way here we drove past Kingsville, TX the home of one of the largest ranches in the world (825,000 acres) http://www.king-ranch.com/ This is the same King ranch that has it's name on the Ford pickups.

3325 miles(5353Km) so far

Jan 18 Day 2 here. A beautiful day. First day to be able to put the top down. We traveled the length of the island today. There are signs warning of possible sand on the road, and they were right. In some places a complete lane was covered. They use big equipment to clear the road and put the sand back on the side. Kind of like snow removal - but wait - you haven't seen that either. Came back to the park, cooked supper and then watched the sun go down.

Jan 19 Nothing new to report today. Just a lazy day.

Jan 20 Went to the wildlife sanctuary today. Saw many species of birds and even an alligator. The wind has picked up this afternoon making it not so pleasant.

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