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Up and out at 7am - again, easy Metro to bus terminal. El Rapido bus to Mendoza, Argentina leaves 1/2 hour late...trip to be 6 hours.

We've been across this border before, back on Nov. 9th when we were delayed a day due to wind and snow on the pass over the mtns. Leaving Chile is much easier than entering. The past 2 weeks have been one of those long time short time periods - feeling like we've been on the ferry a long time and on Easter Is. a long time yet now looking back it seems to be a flash in time.

This will be our last bus ride w/ Jake who departs from Mendoza to go S. and visit friend, Harry in San Martin. Harry was the fellow Jake worked for in Msla. when he liquidated Stoveruds Jewelers 2 years back...he's got some great experiences during that episode in his life.

Lots of vineyards thru this portion of our journey...once over the pass and into lowlands we first encounter the non-irrigated flatlands of planted matte, the Argentine national drink. Argentine Culture & Mate Closer to Mendoza and irrigated fields tons of vineyards!

Bus pulls into Mendoza about 3:30 and we head over to where we stayed before but they did not have room and the room that was going to be available was not for use til 8pm! She did not wish to negotiate a lower price (in Nov it was 40p ea. now it's 60p). We checked out another and ended up in Casa de Mhayl Hostel just 3 blocks from terminal. Jake bought his ticket to Bariloche lvg tonite since the only direct bus to San Martin leaves in 3 days. We get our tickets for B.A. and then have our 'Last Supper' together, ha! We see Jake off at 8:45 and finish the eve on the internet at the hostel.

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