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Bek and Tim doing the washing up - a rare moment worthy...


Jo playing Playdoh

Bek cooking pancakes

It poured all night and was to continue raining all day. We had contemplated checking out early from Coles Bay and travelling to Hobart early. However, we were too lazy, and decided to stay inside the caravan all day instead.

We read, slept and played games all morning.

Everything in Coles Bay is incredibly expensive. Lise bought a loaf of bread and 2 litres of milk the previous day and spent $10.20! So, our challenge was to making our existing supplies last until we got to Hobart.

Bek made pancakes for lunch. We watched a movie “Muma Mia” after lunch before continuing reading and playing until dinner time.

After dinner (Tuna Mornay) eaten sitting around on the camper floor, Jo went to bed early while the rest of us played a game of “crazy eights” until it became too crazy and we had to send Rachel and Chris to bed. Peter, Lise, Bek and Tim persevered and played 500 until around 11pm before going to bed.

As we went to bed the rain and wind picked up and continued to blow all night. Peter urged Tim to sleep in the van rather than the tent for the first time this holiday as the rain fell and the wind blew.

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