The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

Vin on balcony (self portrait)

Hotel Gran Bolivar - bathrooms (photo by Tony)

Tim and Jen (photo by Tony)

Looking out Balcony (photo by Tony)

Across Plaza from Hotel (photo by Tony)

Riot Controller (photo by Tony)

Mellow Yellow (photo by Tony)

A Section of Lima (photo by Tony)

Wares (photo by Tony)

What a Look (photo by Tony)

Pigeons Galore (photo by Tony)

Model T in Hotel Lobby (photo by Tony)

Night Shot from Balcony (photo by Tony)

Mohawk-Alpaca hats (photo by Jen)

Security, outside the Presidential Palace (photo by Vin)

Cool Walking (photo by Jen)

Sweater for Sale (photo by Vin)

Simon Bolivar, in the Plaza (South American Revolutionary Leader) - photo by...

Dome in Hotel Lobby (photo by Vin)

Tim on Balcony (photo by Vin)

Walked around Lima - lots of walking. Visited San Francisco Cathedral, got a tour and saw catacombs. Got airplane home at 11:55 pm! (walked 6 miles)

Vinny: In Lima we went to a Spanish Cathedral and saw catacombs. Later we flew home.

Tony: We wandered around Lima for a day and then took our midnight plane home.

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