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Wild turkey feeding in the campground

Wild turkey feeding in the campground

Wild turkey feeding in the campground

We headed north to Morgan Hill and a visit with our daughter Anne. We had an uneventful trip, and were settled in shortly after we got there. We let Anne know we had arrived and made plans for them to come to dinner the next day. We included two weekends for this visit so we had more opportunities to see them.

The next morning I put a pot roast in the slow cooker so I didn’t have to worry about the timing of dinner and they could come when ever they could get away. I hope everyone knows about crock pot liners, they are wonderful. The liners are like an open bag that goes into the crock and drapes over the edge before the ingredients go in. They make clean up a non-issue and for me they are worth every penny I paid for them. I couldn’t find them at my local grocery, but I did find them on Amazon. We had a great visit and dinner worked out fine.

Anne, Eli and their St. Bernard Mishka were able to come over again the next weekend. It rained almost every day that we were at the Morgan Hill Park, so things were a bit muddy, but we were all snug in the motor home. It was wonderful to get to see them when they are so busy, plus it was fun cooking for the family rather than just the two of us.

We enjoy watching the wildlife in the various campgrounds, and Morgan Hill puts on a show every morning and evening. A flock of wild turkeys come into the park twice a day and have been doing so for years, as they feed under the trees. We were fortunate to be parked near one of their favorite places, so we got to see them each day. In the past we also seen deer in the field next door, and there are many squirrels doing gymnastics through out this campground.

Mark hadn’t been feeling well off and on for a couple of months, and we figured he was up to his old tricks of running a temp when he gets over tired, something he has done since he was a kid. Many lab tests have been run over the years, with always the same results, he is just weird. The Dr had given him two antibiotics to take before we left, but they obviously hadn’t done the job, as he was now running a 101 plus temp every night. He wouldn’t go to the Urgent Care in Morgan Hill, but did make an appointment for the day after our planned return to Santa Maria.

We left Morgan Hill Monday morning with only three stops, fuel in King City, lunch at the rejuvenated rest stop outside of Bradley. Plus we made a quick stop at the service center just before getting to Santa Maria to have the air filter in the motor home installed. The filter was the size and shape of a small trash can and cost about $80. It had to be ordered when we had the oil changed as they don’t stock our size, at those prices they just couldn’t afford the inventory for all the sizes. They also removed the navigator seat from the coach. One day back in AZ when Mark went to put on the safety belt the anchor bolt for the belt that is in the right side of the chair popped out and we couldn’t get it to twist into the seat again. It would go into the hole but not tighten; we tried many things to make it work without success. I even cut a hole in the upholstery so we could get a socket on the bolt, now it looks lovely but that didn’t work either. We tried a new bolt, but without access to the back of the bolt we couldn’t put a nut on it. The old bolt was scored lengthwise four different places so it wouldn’t come out, needless to say that didn’t work after three years of wear. The service center is going to try to get the repairs paid for by our service insurance, the plan is for them to take it to an upholster so they can access the bolt on the inside and a nut can be installed.

We now start the dash to Christmas and all the fun times that come with the holidays.

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