The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

Just getting started

Men at Work (photo by Jen)

Uh oh, there´s a bridge up ahead... (photo by Jen)

Vin on the bridge (photo by Jen)

Tony on the bridge (photo by Vin)

Suspension - at 600 feet above highway (photo by Jen)

Cliffhanger (photo by Jen)

Tony ascending (photo by Jen)

Family Time

Goat (photo by Jen)

Tea Time (photo by Tim)

Tony getting prepared for the first zip (photo by Jen)

The owner watching Tony ziplining (photo by Jen)

Can´t believe I was just up there... (photo by Jen)

Vin looking out at next zipline (photo by Jen)

Tim zipping in (photo by Jen)

Tim... (photo by Jen)

Tony: rappel to start (do not collect your $200!) - photo by...

Today we did the Via Ferrata.(In Italian that means “The Iron Way”: a series of ladders built into the cliff, such as was used in WW1 to get troops over the Dolomites into Austria.) We scaled a mountain to 330 meters (about 1000 feet)up.(South Mountain in Emporium is about 800 feet…) Then we climbed across the face for awhile before zip-lining back down in a series of 5 zips. We went in a group with about 10 other people, and the whole thing took us 4 and a half hours.

Vinny: It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.

Tony: We were all cliffhangers today. It was really fun.

Tim: The suspension bridge, about 25 feet across and 600 feet above ground, was the scariest part. It was made with 3 cables: 2 that you walked on - kept apart by 6-inch spacers, and the other was the one you held onto, 4 feet above that. I was relieved when that part was over. Some of the other climbers were impressed by how calm and cool Tony and Vinny (by far the youngest ones in the bunch) were.

Jen: The owner/builder/guide told me as we were nearing the end of our adventure (and climbing across the side of the mountain without being harnessed in) not to worry about Tony and Vinny – they ‘re goats. What a fantastic day!

(Hiked 2.12 miles, in addition to the climbing)

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