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Bon, Barbara, Tim, and Jake

We woke a bit late but had a fine talk with Swiss couple who are going N. Bon gave them some info on Ecuador incl Galapagos, they had been to Torres del Paine trekking and had a great time, mainly because the weather was perfect, even one day w/o wind. We waited for Barbara and meanwhile fixed stuff for a lunch should she like to eat something. Mari went to her Hindu temple thing so when Barbara did arr at 12:15 it was just Jake, Bon, and I...Barbara filled us in on the latest happenings in Chaiten, the govt having second thoughts about building a whole new town the main reason was the previous govt had already spent all the money allocated for the project! Barbara was looking for alternatives since she did not see that the 'dream house' in the new town was going to happen. She seemed a bit down, not surprising since this is news she got just in the last week or so. We said our goodbyes and wished each other well, hoping Barbara will be able to visit us sometime in Montana.

Teresa, the owner of Hospedaje Costanera, called a taxi which came at 1 and we made it to the bus with 5 minutes to spare, ha! Unfortunately, once underway Mari realized she had forgotten her jacket at the Hostel...perhaps returning from her temple experience 5 minutes before taxi arr and had to hurry to get her stuff together contributed some to the already rushed scene since Barbara left just a few minutes before.

We got to Puerto Natales at 4 and Mari was able to call back to Hospedaje Costanera and talked to Teresa who said she┬┤d try to get the jacket on the 5 pm bus for Mari. We walked the 6 blocks to Kawashker Backpackers where we had reservations. Omar, the desk guy who has worked here 7 years, explained the day trip to Torres and Bon and I decided to spend the $80 US for the day trip tomorrow lvg at 7:30am and returning 12 hours later. Again, we're here and not coming back so....

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