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A nightmare day to Cambodia. As our visa expired today for Thailand, today we had to go to Cambodia to exit Thailand and re enter to get another visa. We waved bye bye to Koh Chang after spending another relaxing boxing day on the beach and saying goodbye to our friends. Our trip today was booked from Koh Chang to Cambodia border then back to Bangkok.

We left early and set off on our mini bus crossing the water on the ferry. After a not too bad journey we arrived at a hotel at 1pm where we were told to have lunch. Whilst in the hotel, the staff gave us application forms so we could fill out our Cambodian visa forms. Now I was started to get annoyed. First I was told we would be crossing the border at Had Lek which is a nicer, easier border crossing than Poipet and I was told we wouldn't have to buy a Cambodian visa. The hotel staff wanted to charge us double for the visa which we all declined. They didn't seem very happy about this and the disgruntled women told us the bus may not wait for us if we take to long obtaining our visa on the border. We were then shoved in a different mini bus and dumped at the border. The crossing took a long time as there were large queues to get into Cambodia, it took us 5 minutes to get our visa's and we were only a few rows behind the rest of our group we had travelled with. When we finally got into Cambodia, got out of Cambodia and back in to Thailand we found the disgruntled lady had been true to her word and left us standard at the border with no further transport to Bangkok. It seems our bus had left about 20 minutes after we arrived so they wouldn't have waited even if we had bought their visa.

Very very annoyed, hot, tired and stressed we bumped into a nice tour guide and explained our situation. He agreed we had been treated really unfairly, called a few friends and within in hour had us on a different bus back to Bangkok. We had to pay an additional 300BHT each which added to our expensive pointless day but we got back to Bangkok finally around 8pm. 13 hours travelling is not fun, adding stress makes it more horrible.

Happy to be in Bangkok we checked into a nice budget guest house not far from the bustle and met us with Mel and Cordi. We walked into territory did not know in Bangkok and it was lovely. Lighten streets filled with little bars and restaurants with a friendly relaxed feel. We ate in one of the quaint street restaurants and tried to book our ticket down to Koh Phangan for tomorrow night. It seems all the buses are full as it is so popular down that way for NYE but we have to check again in the morning as they are laying on more buses. Looking forward to a nice long sleep tonight....

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