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Artsy Wall Shot

Cold but pretty

Entrance to the church in Alcuida

House slipping into the Med

Random and weird all in one...

Palms in the sunset.. can you tell by the gradation we shrunk...

Toes is as far as we go

Cleaning off the sand

Shawana on the wharf in Pollenca

Sunshine and smiles

Didn't get to the Aloha bowl for nothin!

Tower overlooking the square

Walls of Alcuida

Wharf to nowhere

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!! This is obviously delayed because it is not going to get posted on the day of but this will be a little treat for everybody once the holidays are over to be wished a very merry! Today started off a little slower than the rest just because of the locals bringing of holiday cheer into the wee hours of the morning. We definitely made it down for breakfast though because our hotel was closing down after breakfast and wouldn't be back open until dinner so free breakfast was not going to be missed!

A funny little tidbit about our hotel is that it closes down at night. The restaurant is open till about 10:30 at night and then they shut the doors, turn most of the lights out downstairs, and go home for the night. We, as guests, have a key to the front door so we can get in and out but if we need something, we will not get an answer until the morning. After breakfast we took another of our late morning naps which are becoming fairly commonplace.

When we did wake up, we packed up our things for a drive up to the northern coast to see about finding a new place to stay after our time in Soller is up. We decided to have a little snack of baguette, which I am totally coming obsessed with, so I went downstairs to grab some oil and vinegar from the kitchen. It feels like your parents house when they are away and you can grab whatever you want but you don't because you don't want to get in trouble for it!

After our baguette charge-up, we left and drove south to connect with the main highway that goes from Palma to the NE coast ending in Polenca. From here on out, the remaining towns are part of the beach belt. If Polenca is located at about the 1:30 spot on a clock, then it is nothing but beaches with not a rocky coast in sight all the way to Palma, which is past 7:00 going on 7:30. This means mega-hotels and lots of restaurants and bars. Unfortunately or fortunately for us, it takes a lot of people to keep those hotels open and since in the winter there are not a lot of people all the behemoths shut down for the winter.

This means that it is not uncommon to see a hotel that has upwards of a 1,000 rooms, completely shut down from October through March. When this happens, most of the bars and restaurants do the same thing so it turns into what looks like a Jersey shore town during the winter. Some remaining locals are hanging out and all the kids that love the summer because it brings lots of other kids their age are all going nuts with no one around and it too cold to go and lay on the beach.

We cruised through Polenca fairly quickly after realizing all the hotels that were in our book were shut down for the winter and moved on down the coast to Alcuida. This is the first town that we have seen that is actually on the ocean and does not have a Port town. Having said this, it is also the first town that is fully surrounded by a 30-foot tall, 20-foot thick wall protecting it as well. Some sections of the wall have been either torn down or fell down so it is pretty easy to access the old streets while passing in and out of the old defense system that protected all these tight old streets.

Here we found two very promising places to inquire about rooms, but with it being X-mas both were closed up and only clients had a key. We took down numbers and later found out that both are booked through the holidays which pretty much made this trip a total bust for hotel hunting, but a success in island exploration! We made our way through a couple more streets and with the sun starting to set, started to head back towards our hotel in Soller for two more nights in seclusion away from most everything.

Tomorrow is another day for climbing with, hopefully, increased temperatures and sun!! Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas, I know I did because I got to spend it with my wife away from all distractions and after 8 months of being away was well worth the wait!

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