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Another look towards Deia

Crashing over the break wall

Waves approaching the break wall

Crazy waves in Port de Valdermossa

Port waves in storm

View looking toward Deia

Don't want to launch a boat today!

Bendy road leaving the port

Looking down the road and the crag

Coldest belay sans snow and ice tools.

Gearing up in the cold

Warming in the sun before tackling Dali 5+, with a wicked 6b/c...

Come get some Mallorcan Rock!

Come get some Mallorcan rock!

Topping out

View of the port town from the crag.

Today started out as a peaceful morning in a still very cold Mallorca. Today the temperature read around 38 degrees when we woke up. The town that we are staying at in of Soller is an amazing place to wake up in even does mean a day of colder climbing would be ahead of us. We had breakfast downstairs and then decided to take at least take a drive over to one of the climbing spots and just see if it was in the sun and or out of the wind. We take the twists and the turns over to the town of Velldemossa and then from there we get to the appropriately named 'Over the Roadside Crag'.

It was still pretty cold and when we looked down to the Port we saw waves crashing over the breakwater and heading into a parking lot and decided to check it out. We dropped around 600 meters in about a distance of half a kilometer as the crow flies but it takes 6 km to work our way down to the bottom. Once we get there we see that the waves were not deceiving at a distance. They were at least 8 foot rollers coming into and crashing onto the rock wall that separated the small boat launch from the Mediterranean.

We were so enthralled by the wave action we decided to drive the car down to the parking lot that was getting splashed on and ate lunch watching the action. It was definitely an impressive winter storm coming into the north coast of a relatively small island in the middle of the sea that was impressive to watch. More sightseers came down to where we were and took their pictures and were off again.

From there we headed back up the road, which of course led past the crag before getting back to town. This is another one of those times where I am convinced that I am married to an incredible woman. She turns to me and says 'If you want to climb, I will belay you.' She repeats this 4 or 5 times before I finally took her up on her offer. She stayed in the car till I had everything placed out at the base of the climb and then she came out dressed fully in her ugg boots, 2 of her jackets and 1 of mine, and her gloves trying getting ready for a cold standing windy belay.

Tried this one climb that was super overhanging and rated at 6c+, which was probably a bad idea not being able to feel your hands after about 15 feet. Half way out the roof I could not tell if the hold was a good hold because my fingers had gone totally numb. After struggling to the top I realized how difficult it is to clean a route that is that overhung, especially when it is all the way across the road. The start of the climb is about 3 feet off the side of the road and the anchor system was about 2 feet from the far side of the road making it about 25 feet overhung in only about 35 feet tall.

The best part was when I was getting lowered down and a car started coming down the road. I quickly figured out a trajectory and after picking up my feet, the van was allowed to pass under me without incident but I saw a flash so I think a Spaniard has a picture of my butt hanging over their windshield. We decided to do one more climb on the wall an then called it a day and headed back to our X-mas dinner that was to be served at the hotel. It was truly worth every Euro of that meal. Leaving the table completely full of holiday cheer, especially since the waiter just kept the wine coming, we made our way to our room to hibernate in for the night and wake up for Christmas morning......

And then it started. More back story, apparently for Catholics in Spain they do not believe in Santa Claus. They don't really do anything for the 25th of December; they get gifts on the 5th of January but still get time off of work for everybody else over X-mas. This means that the can party HARD the night before X-mas and not have to worry about kids waking them up to get presents in the morning. Come around 2 o'clock in the morning Shawana was woken up by a thumping base and horrible karaoke style singing that only emanates from the incredibly drunk right before last call.

I didn't wake up until around 3:30 and Shawana was to the point that since we can't beat them we should join them. Just around the time when we started to get dressed, they finally called it a night and it went from dance party USA to amish country in about 5 minutes. From then on out nothing stirred, not even a mouse! Merry X-mas everybody and we will talk to you tomorrow.

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