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What a great 5 days we have had in Koh Chang. The beach is stunning and the sun is so warm, we have been spending our days down the beach playing Frisbee, bat and ball and sunbathing. I bought a lilo and have actually been swimming in the sea. In the evenings we have been watching movies and visiting bars. They play live music everywhere so we have been well entertained. Joss has taught me how to play chess and we've been continuing the theme of playing cards.

Melvin arrived a few days ago which is great, we have also met another group of Scots.

We visited the waterfall here in Koh Chang yesterday which I didn't find that impressive. The water looked quite murky and there were lots of insects. The boys had fun playing under the waterfall though, then we explored the island by moped and played bat and ball in the sea off another beach.

It's Christmas eve today and we'll probably continue to relax down the beach over the Christmas period. The beach looks set up for a BIG party tonight and we are looking forward to finally having our Christmas party:o}.........

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