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So this, dedicated readers, will be the easiest assignment you have had yet to date. For the last two days we have done a whole bunch of nothing and loved every minute of it! Yesterday we had a nice breakfast followed by a nap for me and blog updating for Shawana. From there in the early afternoon we drove into the Port de Soller to do some laundry. We found a Lavenderia as they are called but could only get one token out of the machine before it read out of order. That lead to a walk around the port, a quick snack at big old Burger King because of the 5% of the restaurants that are open in the off season, they all take a siesta from 4 in the afternoon until 7:30 at night it seems.

After our trip to burger royalty was complete, they had restocked the coin machine so we were able to start and finish our laundry without incident. I was entranced at how much the front-loading washer moved while it spun the water out, whereas Shawana starred at me in amazement and questioned her motives behind marrying the village idiot.

Today we woke up for breakfast as usual and then decided to take another day off from driving and took a short stroll around the town before making our way to a little cafeteria across from our hotel. We proceeded to order two of the best pizzas we had ever had and sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the square for at least 2 hours. We watched as Drunk Santa rode his bike from here to there in the town only stopping to get another drink.

We also watched a couple of 9 year olds play some futbol in the square. I think they thought that they were pretty hot to trot until a pair of 14-year-old girls came by and the one schooled both of them while wearing designer boots! It was truly a sight to be seen. Other than that, we have done a lot of blog writing because we were slacking and not a whole lot else. Tomorrow should be more exciting because we are going back to Valldemossa to go climbing on the crag that over hangs the road so it should be fun!

Ow yea!! I almost forgot to tell you about, as Shawana described it, the greatest all-natural mullet of all time!! It was on a boy around the age of 9 and it was incredible. Shawana made me try to get a picture of it and I think the mullet heard her because it held the reigns back on its host child and kept him out of view on the other side of the fountain for most of the time it was out getting its exercise. The sheen and bounce-to-curl ratio were fantastic!

I'll leave you with the images of mullets floating through your head on the eve before X-mas eve!! Love you all

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