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Miss Maya, Lisa and Tommy...

Miss Jasmine, Tawnia, Larry and Baby Boy McCormick! Yep, it's a boy!

Miss Lily, Kelly took the pic and Dad's on the road, nice...

I don't believe I have ever seen it rain this many days in a row in all the years we've resided in Nevada! It's been a steady 'heavy drizzle' for the past 4 days. The ground is no longer absorbing the water, so many of the main streets and intersections are very flooded. On the plus side, the sprinklers aren't running, so Vegas/Henderson is saving much needed area water. Of course, Larry had the truck washed the day before it started. I think that's part of the unwritten rule, isn't it?

Today I made fudge, Snickerdoodle's, and Larry's favorite cookie, Hermits. Well, of the traditional holiday cookies I make each year anyway. Sister Bonnie, makes his favorite cookie every year, apricot filled cookies. And she also makes awesome 'cinnamon rolls'. I've called her 'style' of cinnamon rolls sticky buns all of my life. But she can call them anything she likes as long as she keeps making them....they are sooooooo good!

Tomorrow we are going to Mesquite to celebrate Christmas with Mom & Joyce. We will spend the night and also visit with Lori & Marion when they arrive Friday around noon. We plan to be back in Vegas in time for Christmas Eve service at church that evening. We're a bit concerned about the water damage and flooding in Mesquite. The embankment gave way at the Virgin River and we saw on the news that 6 homes washed down the river. We have to cross a bridge over that river to get to Joyce's house or travel an additional 40 miles each way to St George, Utah in order to come in the back way. Only one road leads to Beaver Dam, the small town outside of Mesquite where her home actually is. So we'll be checking with the Highway Patrol in the morning to see if the bridge is passable. There is supposed to be a break in the rain starting tomorrow morning for the next several days, and trust me, I'm praying that that is the case. I feel a bit silly complaining about the rain as we watch the many snow storms happening all across the country, so if you are one of our many readers dealing with the white stuff, forgive me. We feel for you and are praying for your safety. And if you are traveling during the coming days, be safe my friends...

And finally, we received family photo Christmas greetings this past week and they are so darn cute we just have to share a glimpse with you! Feel free to share yours in return, we'd love to see your little darlings too!!!!

Merry Christmas!

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