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The infamous "Arch"

The Arch

The Arch

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If you want to climb the arch you better be ready to...



The Sector Tapas Wall


Watching another climber on Vino Tinto 6a



Left side of the Tapas Wall

More of the Sector Tapas Wall








The Sector Escuelar de Calor Wall

Calling it a day and hiking out.









We awoke this morning to another blasting of the horn coming from the Ferry that we think runs back and forth between Ibiza, which is another one of the Balearic Islands to the southwest of us. They run a pretty tight ship, pun intended, so normally are just getting underway as the sunrise wakes us up. We got motivated and went and had breakfast downstairs again because we seem not to eat lunch so a big breakfast is important.

We were thinking about just hanging out for the day because it had rained the night before and we didn't think the rock had dried out enough yet, but Shawana had looked up the infamous Sharma Arch that is on the island and it was right next to where we had climbed before we just didn't know it. So we loaded up out little diesel car

and headed out back towards Tijuana. If you remember, this is the first crag we had visited and it kind of ruined us because of how awesome it is. Everywhere else has failed in comparison to even come close to the awesomeness that it provides.

Instead of turning down the nameless, looks to be one way but isn't, horribly designed road we would have to get to Tijuana, we continue down an even steeper, crazier, tighter road that leads us pass a beach and then up to the parking lot for the arches. Following a short trail we soon find ourselves face to face with the historic record setting dyno-craziness that is 'Es Pontas' aka 'The Arches'.

When we finally saw where it was we realized that we had seen it before when we were climbing the first day but since arches just look like a rock when viewed from the side, we thought nothing of it. It is not the most held together piece of real estate we had seen on our trip either.

We hiked around to get a closer view and found ourselves in awe.

Not at the climb itself but more at the approach. Having again come on a windy day, the tide was hitting the arches and the rocky coast with about 5 to 7 foot swells making the trip across look more like D-day and less like fun. Shawana put a sea shell to her ear and even over the waves, we still thought that we could hear a Sharma scream echoing off the walls....

We moseyed back over to things more our speed at Tijuana and enjoyed another excellent afternoon of climbing. We meet a very nice German couple who escaped Berlin airport after waiting 7 hours and were one of the last flights that actually made it out before being shut down. This is their 8th trip to Mallorca and they stay in the town 2 minutes drive away from the crag. The beta they gave us indicated that they had been to the other crags but this one was their favorite and saw no reason in leaving.

Tomorrow it's off to Soller via the coast road that follows the west then east coast of the island. So long till then!!

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