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Yes, everything is better when you have your own underwear. I can attest to this because taa daaah – my bag actually arrived yesterday!! And yes, everything was intact including my skivvies and more importantly our video camera. And yes, we also know it is not smart to pack electronics in your checked bags but with the climbing gear, which is waaaay more costly to replace than the video camera, and Paul's 12 other cameras and various picture taking paraphernalia, we were out of available carry on space. But I digress; let's go back to the missing bag for a second.

Some of you have posted that shopping for a new wardrobe in Spain must be horribly painful and normally, I would think it was a fabulous idea. However, there is something about being FORCED to shop because you only have the clothes on your back, a pair of pj's, one shirt, one pair of workout pants and your swimsuit, that takes the fun out of it. I know, I tried. Paul was a doll and halfway through day two san luggage, was on the hunt for a mall so I could pick up a few things, especially the unmentionables that I seem to be getting a kick out of mentioning at the moment. I'm going to blame this one on lack of sleep- I'm writing this a 3 a.m. while Paul is tucked away sleeping soundly next to me. Anyway, it wasn't fun, which was a bummer because this was probably the one time where I was going to get free license to get what I wanted, ahem – I mean needed. It could have had something to do with the fact that I was asking my bikini bottoms to step it up and do a job they just weren't designed for but there was no way I was going to go all "Britney." So I was a little down from everything that had seemed to be going the polar opposite of smooth.

After a good night's rest we were getting ready to go to breakfast and Paul went downstairs to get the key to our old room (I will address this in a bit) and comes back with MY BAG!!! YAY! Let me tell you the skies opened up and suddenly all was right with the world again. I think I can honestly say that I finally know your secret Victoria.

So back to the room changing thing. After coming back from our mildly successful shopping trip, we went into the bathroom of our hotel to brush out teeth only to see that we had been overrun by ants. At this point I seriously almost called the airline because I was just so fried from finals, the flying, the lost bag, the lost me, etc. that something as silly as ants (to my credit they were everywhere) just about made me throw in the towel. But Paul ever the fabulous husband went down and sorted it out. We moved across the hall to a room with an amazing seaside view. So while that has not completely solved the problem, we do still have the occasional visit by 5 or 6 ants, it is nothing compared to the army that decided to claim our bathroom as their new country across the way. I do want to say that I don't believe the ant issue is a testament to the cleanliness of the hotel. It is pretty clean, and I'm pretty anal about this, but I think that like spiders go with Thailand, ants may go with Mallorca.

After the bag arrived and I was able to get all kitted out in my regular clothes and had my climbing gear, we went down to check out the hotel breakfast. They have quite the spread, all of which is pretty authentic, and I think we ate our weight in calories. So we really had to climb or risk gaining 5 lbs right off the gate. We had time to make a plan of where we wanted to go and do and after breakkie, we were off to the village of Cala Santanyi to check out an area called Tijuana. And yes kids, this is the area that houses the famous "Arch" that Sharma climbed and was featured in King Lines. Given that it was about 50ish degrees with some pretty strong winds, there were no attempts at deep water soloing, so the arch will have to wait for another day, or probably another lifetime.

What I can tell you about Tijuana is that is one of the most beautiful areas that I have ever climbed. Check out the pictures and you will see what I mean. Because the winds were so strong we were treated to an impressive show of some really large waves crashing along the sea walls. We wandered around for a long time just taking the views in. The only problem with seeing something like this first is wondering if everything else will pale in comparison, but from what we have read this is only a small taste of what this island offers.

The climbing here is right up my alley, with huge limestone walls with features galore. The moves tend to be smaller and more precise as opposed to the dynamic "huck and go" of Thailand. Thailand was really Paul's cup of tea and he is taking a bit to adjust to something so different from what he would usually choose to climb. The other issue is that while limestone is great because of all of the friction you can generate from the texture of the rock, it can be really sharp and the tiny ledges eat into your hands and feet after a while. But as every climber knows, after a while calluses form and extremities go numb to the abuse and you can play all day long if you choose.

Today we decided to check out another crag that was a little inland. It wasn't too far from Palma, the city where we are currently staying, so we could enjoy a leisurely breakfast without worrying about burning too much daylight. The directions in our guidebook have been great and even though we missed the gate on the first drive by, we caught it on the second, mainly due to the fact we saw some other folks who looked liked climbers headed towards the gate.

The guidebook said the approach was 10-15 minutes and either they had Josh's sense of direction – sorry buddy, we will never forget about your sense of distance at Britta and Ian's wedding – or I was just moving at a snail's pace in an attempt to not break my ankle or face in the first week of the trip. As you know I prefer to save my injuries until the final few days. Even though the trek in wasn't great the climbing was. Granted the scenery wasn't close to Tijuana, but the routes were still pretty cool. We definitely tried some more challenging stuff and were rewarding with some interesting sequences. All in all, another successful day!

So that pretty much brings you up to speed. Hopefully, the technology will start to cooperate, or we will be moving our blog – don't worry we will keep you posted – and we will post more often so you aren't stuck reading a 5 page report. Tomorrow we are going to head northeast to check out some new places to move camp on the 20th. It is raining now and supposed to rain all day tomorrow so climbing will be out for the next day or so. But that's okay as we have lots to see and do to keep us busy!

Take care and we will post more soon

Adios amigos!

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