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Group Just Before We Leave Jake...He's Off S. on Austral Hwy to...

Plaza in Cochrane

Our Very Helpful Bus Driver, Claudio, of Buses 'Don Carlos'

Scenery Along Rio Baker

This Type of Rounded Bush Very Typical in Mtns of Patagonia

Closeup of Those Bushes

Rio Baker, Great Rapids...Jake Says Many Class 5

Rio Baker

Rio Baker, More Great Rapids...This One Actually a Short Falls

Pic of Water Color

Rio Baker Flowing Into Lake Near Chile Chico

Lake & Road to Chile Chico

Quick Pic Stop, Road to C.C.

Tons of Wild Rose Bushes

Closeup of Wild Rose

Calafate Bush, Actually Known to Us as Barberry...Make Jam From Berries, Yum

Lots of Calafate Bushes Here

Sign For Next Pic, Great Gorge!

Pic of Gorge

Huge Mining Site Near C.C., Driver Says Most of Working Population in...

Mine On Left Side of Pic, On Right the 'Big Hole' From...

Entry to Mine Memorial For 6 Miners Just Outside Chile Chico

Chile Chico Mileage/Direction Sign,,,They Forgot Missoula, MT!

Ride from Cochrane to Cruce (then onward to C.C.)- beautiful road along the Rio Baker - water from green to turquoise blue, lake a deep aqua marine! Bright, snowcapped peaks in background. Near Bertrand, Campo de Vida, fantastic scenery! Met driver w/ pickup, road along lake G.Camerro is single lane, gravel...basically blasted from the rock face bordering lake. Up down curves...ferrific ride, I'm really sad my camcorder has died, Bon takes no pics since she finds they are too blurred and Mari very few as well. Sigh.

Trees, old coibo or coivo. Arr in C.C. at 2:15 where we spent our time waiting for minibus 'La Portena' going to Los Antiguos at 4:45 (in a cafe drinking too much tea). Asking around no one seems to know that this company exists but driver passed earlier and said he'd meet us on main street, and locals are standing around waiting, ha! Minibus pulls up right on time...what's w/ that??

Aside: Everywhere in Patagonia are poplar and tamarix and other tree windbreaks so people can survive the wind.

If you can avoid Los Antiguos you'd be doing yourself a favor. It is what I would call a 'racket' town...purposely set up to get as much $$$ from tourist travellers as possible. The bus station is now far enuf away from center of town that the taxis can charge outragious prices when the buses arr which tend to be late. Eating a t restaurants is expensive and less expensive accomodations (like one we are in) don't have kitchens that they allow you to use. The tourist office, which at first seemed very helpful, gave us alot of missinformation which cost us a bunch of time and $$$ to make up for transport that we were told would be available but was not. Perhaps schedules change frequently but they should know this and advise accordingly. Nothing here to see anyway, so just a pit stop for crossing the border! For us we turned it all into an adventure and justified the expense like always, a necessary part of travel to see what is worth seeing, ha!

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