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Miss Jasmine taking a little break!

Helping Dad carry baseboard and Mom spackle...

Her room is very pink! It will have a Dora theme, her...

Aahhhh, smiling for grandma!

It's been awhile since I last posted so thought I would do a short update. We arrived in Vegas 10 days ago, safe and sound. We got all set up at Larry's sisters house, our usual winter retreat. The weather has been great since we arrived and we are really enjoying the sunshine. I contacted Johnnie Walker's RV and they ordered our replacement patio and window awnings from Carefree of Colorado. You might remember that ours were damaged in a hail storm this past summer. Carefree is taking about two weeks for deliveries so I doubt we'll move the rig until after Christmas. I had hoped to have the work done prior to that, but it is what it is. No point in stressing about it.

We have spent several days working over at the house that Larry and Tawnia are buying. They will be moving in on Saturday which also happens to be Tawnia's birthday. But they are anxious to be in before Christmas and I don't blame them. They have movers doing the heavy work on Saturday but we'll be there to help as well. As you know, Tawnia is expecting in May, so she is not able to do any heavy lifting and has had to avoid paint and other fumes while the work goes on. Miss Jasmine has been a big help! She is so cute and her vocabulary grows daily. She makes us all laugh over and over. Where do kids come up with this 'stuff'? Wish you could hear her for yourself!

It's hard to believe that the year is almost at an end. And that Christmas is in less than two weeks. Bonnie & Larry have their home decorated so beautifully and we get to enjoy it every day. We used to decorate our 'stick house' every year. Two days to put it all up and two more to take it all down. I don't miss that part at all! I put a few things up every year but most of our decorations are stored in Ely. In case we ever have a 'stick home' again. No plans for that ever happening, but hey, you never know. 20+ years of memories are stored in those boxes.

Well, that's it for now. I need to go work on Larry's computer for a bit. His died a couple of days ago so we bought him a new one at Fry's Electronics. Fortunately they had a good sale going on. He's been running Vista for the past few years so we'll see how it goes with the new Windows 7. I'll let you know what he thinks in a few days. Thanks for checking in....

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