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Amber fort at Amer - built by Raja Man Singh. Perched on...

The Sheesh Mahal - conveys the richness of Rajput buildings

A garden inside the Amber fort

The Jal Mahal palace amidst the Man Sagar lake

One of the richly decorated gates at the City Palace.

A cafe in the city palace

Another night more bad dreams.

In the morning, we took an auto to Amber fort. About 15 km from our hotel, the Amber palace is located in Amer village, perched on a hill. Elephants adorned in decorated saddles carried people up the hill to the palace. A stunning palace, especially the Sheesh Mahal left we wondering about the opulence of the kings. How they used the tax collected from the public for their pleasures. For once it felt as if some good happened because of the British in India. After a couple of hours at the Amber palace we stopped at a Khadi store and bought a few kurtas.

From Amer, we took a bus to Jal Mahal - a building in the middle of a lake. It was a beautiful sight, but for the litter in the lake. A few photos later we took a bus to pink city. Surprisingly, we were not able to find any eateries other than LMB. So, we had to walk out of the old city. As soon as we got out, we saw a Bombay Mishtan Bhandar, where we had a thali. It was good filling stuff. From here, we took an overcrowded cattle class van to Bada Chaupaki and walked to the City Palace - Sawai Man Singh Museum.

It was an expensive entry ticket (Rs 75) compared to others. The Mubarak Mahal was the masterpiece of the city palace. With very intricate carvings on marble and paintings on the ceilings, it was apparently voted the most beautiful architecture of the 20th century. Inside the Mubarak Mahal were on display some of the royal apparel. A museum also housed weapons of the kings' times - swords, daggers, pistols, guns, bows etc. The palace is definitely a must visit for anyone traveling to Jaipur.

From the palace we got on a hand pulled rickshaw just because the guy really insisted. He dropped us 100 mts away at the Maharani Market. We did not do much there and quickly headed to the nearby Govindji temple. There was a devout atmosphere there with people chanting prayers for Radha and Krishna. We walked through the lawns behind the temple into the chaotic pink city. We walked all the way out and continued on Mirza Ismail (MI) road. We went to Raj Mandir movie theater just for the heck of it. From there we went to Niro's based on the guide book's recommendation. 90% of the patrons there were westerners and accordingly the prices were high. The missi roti went well with the goat brain curry. The rajasthani sula (Kebab) was delicious, though not very different from the regular kebabs. We bumped into Kaushik's family on our way out. After a lassi in terracotta mugs at Lassiwala, we headed back to the hotel. Yes, the lassi was heavenly. A good walk after a heavy meal.

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