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Hiking in to Corcovado

The long hard trail!

Crossing the Rio Claro

A jungle trail

A good old Peccary send off

Corcovado National Park – the most biologically intense place on earth – according to National Geographic anyway. It is a protected area of rainforest, some parts of which have, allegedly, never been touched by man. Having booked our places we set off once again in the cattle truck collectivo, for the four hour journey to Carate, from here we had a 3 km hike along the beach to our first night's camp at La Leona Ranger Station. Our camp site was right on the beach, shared with five others we were hiking in with. A 5.00am start the next morning for the 18km hike to our destination, Sirena Rangers Station. This hike was partly on the beach, dodging the ever rising tide, and partly inland on jungle trails. The last part involved crossing the River Claro, which you have to do at least one hour away from high tide, otherwise it is too high. As we arrived at Sirena it started raining, and it rained and ti rained and it rained. I have never seen so much rain, coming down in a solid curtain, all day and all night. We ventured out a few times to see what was about but of course the animals were sensibly keeping dry somewhere else! The trails became indistinguishable from streams, and the airstrip was just one big paddling pool. Luckily our tents were on a covered platform – presumably to protect us from snakes and other creepy crawlies but we were very pleased to be under cover!The noise of the rain on the tin roof was incredibly loud. We spent two nights there, and on the morning we were due to leave we wondered how we would get back across the River Claro. We decided to tag along with another group who had guides, to see how they would do it. The guides were planning some sort of human chain across the river but when we got there it was obvious that the water was just too high and too fast. So we trooped back to the lodge, and on the way saw two tapirs (a highly endangered species) and some peccaries – also quite rare. The guides summoned a boat taxi and we eventually came all the way back by boat, seeing a pilot whale en route! All in all, quite an adventure.

Apart from a few bites and bruises we are both fit and well. I am a little behind with this journal, lots more to tell when we next get a wifi connection. Love to you all from us

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