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The Dinosaur Back Mtn Esquel Famous For

City Pond

Also Known For The Tree Carvings (This is a Big Hippy Community)

This Gadget in Central Park, Is Designed to Focus Energy From White...

Another View of Tree Trunk Carving...You Can Go to A Park Nearby...

Today we got up later than I expected since I thot we'd be moving on. By noon we headed out on a hike to an overlook, Cerro Amigo, just 4 km round trip...great view of valley and town/agriculture below. Reminded me of Bitterroot valley but much narrower, no river, and steeper mtns. Very scenic...hike down and picked up packs left w/ Dona Eugenia, unfortunately, Jake forgot to pick up his sweatshirt he'd left halfway up trail. A short wait for him and the to bus stop where we learned that the next bus lvs at 5! Oh well, it' s only a 2 hr+ ride and the hike was nice altho had we known we could have done a longer hike to a couple waterfalls nearby on a trail thru forest rather than one we took which was 1/2 way on dusty gravel road!

Maybe now we'll get our s... together earlier and buy tickets onward or at least chk bus transport onward the day before! Been lucky the last couple days weatherwise, sunny and comfortable for outdoor stuff.

Arr in Esquel 8:30 and immed ck on onward buses to Puerto Madryn! Sometimes timing is everything and this was one of those times! Since the LP says Esquel is a transport hub we figured there'd be lots of options for getting to P. M. Not so! Only one morning bus, Tues & Sat. at 8 am. Otherwise our only option is a night bus at 10:30 for the 9 hr ride! So we miss Esquel and P.N. Los Alerces where the 2600 yr old 'Uncle of Humanity' tree lives - 57m high, like a redwood only diff down here! We could stay til Sat. But that would mean missing something else down the road since we want to be in Calafate by 17th! Only Mati was willing to spend the $50-60 US tour and great tree...our budget being stretched to the limit as is. She could have opted to do it and meet up coming on 10:30 bus but also was unwilling to miss the daytime ride, altho she grumped 'I've seen whales'

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