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We did a lot of thinking during our year of travel about what we wanted to do next and it boiled down to three possibilities:

3. Go back and get jobs (they had already been offered) doing what we had done before - coaching and massage therapy, in the same area.

2. Get jobs in the same field, but possibly in a new area or with a slightly different twist.

1. Go in a completely new direction.

Ultimately, we convinced ourselves that we would be most happy with option number one. So then it became a question of what that new direction would look like. Julia had several passions that she would like to pursue and as we talked more and more, those passions could lead us to places that we could also do some coaching and massage therapy.

But we also realized a few other things as we discussed taking a new direction. It was clear that we wanted this new direction to have a seasonal component to it and that we wanted to do it at a low cost (when you dream, you might as well as for everything!). Otherwise, how else would we be able to travel!!

Julia's desires led us to the idea of working on an organic vineyard or farm, and Tomas's idea to keep the cost low was to exchange our labor for room and board. And of course, it would be seasonal.

So what did we find: A special place that is an organic farm/vineyard/wedding venue/retreat center in "start up" mode and , in exchange for our labor, a three bedroom two bath house and all the organic fruits and vegetables we can eat. Oh, and they only need us nine months of the year.

We are moving to Hopland, California February 1st. Our new home, Campovida, a spectacular 150 acre farm (OK they don't own most of the 100 acres of vines that surround them, but their beauty is unmistakable) located in southern Mendocino county. If you would like a little more information, you can visit www.campovida.com.

Now the next question is what will we do? It is likely Julia will be helping on the hospitality side and Tomas will be helping on business development aspects. Julia will probably find herself in the wine tasting room and helping host events, while Tomas will try to figure out a business plan for the organic fruits and vegetables, olive oil and honey the farm produces. But then, there may be days when the most important thing is to pull some weeds. And we can't wait to do it all.

We hope you will be able to visit us at some point, we would love to show you our new home!

Thank you!


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