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Check out my pretty roses!

In our 'cell', enjoying our meal, Happy Anniversary Honey!

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. Larry gave me a beautiful flower arrangement even though we had a 'no gift' agreement. I was glad he cheated though, the roses smelled so nice and are so pretty. I tried to live up to the 'no gift' agreement myself but wound up purchasing him a box of chocolates, one of his favorite things. Not much of a gift and certainly not the traditional silver 25th Anniversary choice. But we were both pleased and grateful that we are still in good health and able to share our lives together. Living with your best friend, how awesome is that!

This evening we went to the Cell Block Steak House located in the Jailhouse Casino. One of the few 'gourmet' restaurants in this small town. The meal was very tasty and we enjoyed a quiet, secluded evening together. The waiter took our picture seated at the table, through the 'bars'. Fun! Oh, I have to mention that son Larry called this afternoon to wish us a Happy Anniversary. He calls EVERY year! I am so impressed that he never forgets! It's not a 'typical' guy thing to remember anniversaries, lol...

And finally, it is our last night here in Ely as we head for Mesquite tomorrow afternoon. We are all ready to escape the snow and cold weather. So we'll see you on down the road...

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