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I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving holiday. We did miss everyone back home. Sue especially missed having everyone at our house. It was the first time in thirty years that we have not had the celebration. We had a great time at the beach with Matt. We took the grill and had baked potatoes, and chicken sandwiches. We followed it all up with great apple pie which Matt had made back in Iowa. Nobody went hungry. It was a great sunny day with just a little cool breeze from the ocean.

How did you black Friday go? I can’t believe it but Sue and Matt got me up to be at Kohl’s . The parking lot was packed and the line waiting to get in reached around the building. What nutty people there are (us included). Luckily we did not have to wait in the cold. The doors were open by the time we got parked and walked to the store. I immediately got in line to check out while Sue and Matt did their thing. Guess where I found the end of the line? I finely got in line at the back of the store as it snaked all the way from the front. Now mind you it got significantly longer. I had moved maybe 25 to 30 feet when the troops found me. They were excited to be this far up in line. It still took nearly an hour to get checked out.

Then it was off to Sears to exchange some tools we had gotten Matt for Christmas. So much for the surprise, oh well. There was a better sale in the paper which was the reason for the exchange. Busy at Sears but nothing like Kohl’s. By this time it was 5:00 am and we had breakfast at McDonalds in the mall. Then Sue and Matt were off to Macy’s to return some pants which were not right.

Now we are headed back to Matt’s when the discussion of REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.) came up. We We were closer to REI at the time and that became the destination. When we arrived a little before 7:00 am there was a line in front of the store. Being the shopper we were, we got in line to. We found out that the store was giving out gift cards to the first 150 customers. We each received a $20 card as we entered the store. Naturally we did not leave with the cards. There were too many good deals.

Not a bad day work and back home by 9:00 am and ready for a nap.

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