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Travel is a blessing in itself, but while 'doing it' there are many things which come to mind which make it even better for us.

-A free internet or WIFI at our O.N. accomodation...if it has Skype even more appreciated.

-Soap and towel as part of O.N. acc.

-Cheap or free bathroom facilities that are at least relatively clean, maybe even w/ soap (always found in a McD's).

-Toilet paper in bathrooms.

-Taxi drivers who don't try to rip you off and maybe they even try to help.

-Baggage loaders/unloaders who don't expect a tip (only in Argentina do they have their hand out so far).

-People w/ a map to show us where we are or where to go.

-People who offer help when they see our struggles (Brazil was especially good!).

-Hard, not saggy mattresses.

-Breakfast when incl. which includes fruit, butter, jam, and/or cheeze.

-Tea with milk on the side, not made with hot milk.

-Cheap and intelligeable local bus or metro transport esp. from long distant bus station or airport to city center.

-Street signs at least ever other corner.

-Phones which take coins not just cards, or phone centers where you can pay for single use.

-When Skype is available, it works and has headphones that work properly.

-Bus system with central station or terminal where all buses/agencies to different locations are found.

-Restaurants that serve salads with more than just 2 or 3 veggies, esp. lettuce.

-Easy and fair exchg. of currency at borders, an ATM is super there too!

-Fast, easy border crossings w/o needing visa in advance and if charge anything it is minimal (less than $20 US).

-Check out times after 11 am. and secure places to store baggage w/o having to pay.

-Any input which helps us (esp fellow traveler with ideas of what to see/where to go) along our way and makes decisions easier (often with more than 2 people traveling together it is like pushing a string, help is like starching the string, ha!).

-Readers of this blog who voted for their picture choice.

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