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Forgot to take a picture of the Welcome Center but did this...

Our 2006 Country Coach turned over 30,000 miles a couple of days ago. So it was time to have the coach serviced. We found a CAT repair shop that worked on RVs at the southeast corner of Chattanooga. Perfect, it's close enough along our trek to Florida. Had all the filters and the oil changed for $352.98. They were very accommodating. If you need service we would recommend them, Stowers Machinery Corp.

Then we hopped across the border to Ringgold, Georgia to Covington Power Services to have the transmission serviced. When paying the bill, the tech mentioned that we won't have to do that again for 75,000 miles. What? We had the transmission serviced on December 23rd, 2009. We really felt like a newbie. Somehow we missed the class or day that told us about servicing transmissions in these monsters. $335.56 is what it cost us to learn that lesson.

In between these two appointments, we tracked down a Ford Dealer because our Escape Hybrid front tires were making a whop,whop sound. Something new. Turns out, the tires had never been rotated. We have a maintenance contract that is computerized and somehow that little job got skipped when we have brought the car in for service. Well, the tires need rotating and we probably need an alignment. We will have to have that done when we get to South Carolina.

We found a really nice Welcome Center on the Georgia border to boondock for the night. For a couple of retired people, we sure are busy.

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