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The pool and hot tub at Bruce and Betty's in Desert Shores...

Date palms

Salton Sea

Notice the bucking bronc on top of the street sign in Brawley

Below sea level!

Imperial Dunes just west of Yuma

Rest area Imperial Dunes

Our site at The Palms in Yuma

The Palms

Live props for the country-themed Burger Bash - burgers and beer for...

This guy really liked his hat at the Burger Bash!

Hank used to live in Border RV Park

Mavis and Ken from Vernon, Larry, Gail (Hank's wife)

Line dancing in the huge hall


Saguaro at a rest area

Rest area between Wellton and Gila Bend

A field of green lettuce

Mt. Picacho just south of Casa Grande

Saguaro at our campsite in Tucson

Our site at Diamond J RV in Tucson



Sunset shining on the mountain

Another spectular moonrise

Pima Air and Space Museum - Wright Flyer

Inside Hangar 1


Stealth fighter


A large engine

Inside the engine


Entrance to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base where the "Boneyard" is

Most of these planes are obsolete - but are still used for...










This is the entry point for all planes entering the area




These planes will never fly again - used strictly for parts.




This plane was used as Air Force One by Kennedy and Johnson


Made in Canada, eh?












B-52 bomber - they are so huge!

Russian Mig Fighter


Harrier jet



Sunset on the way back to Diamond J

New Mexico




Rest area

Are you sure you want your pets to walk here?

Dust storms possible

Dust storms may exist

Zero visibility possible

Organ Mountains at Las Cruces, NM

Billy the Kid Gift Shop in Old Mesilla


Historic Mesilla Plaza

Fall colours

Rio Grande

Rio Grande

Our Thanksgiving dinner

Covered wagon at Fort Selden, built in 1850

Memorial to the "Buffalo Soldiers" - a black infantry troop stationed here

Douglas McArther lived here as a young boy







Another wagon

Adobe close-up


Organ Mountains

NM Farm and Ranch Museum - Mogollon house reproduced


We have a garden fork just like this at the cottage!

Original bridge built in 1902

Brangus cattle - Brahma and Angus

Texas Longhorn

Relaxing after a tiring day of roping - Corriente breed

New bull with his harem

Weaning pen

Woolly sheep


November 15 we did the big 90 mile drive from Pomona to Indio. The weather became warmer as we got further away from the coast. We were staying for three nights at no cost at Desert Shores RV Resort (with a promise to take the tour, which we did). The first day we had drinks with Jim and Ingrid from South Surrey and dinner at Bruce and Betty's (our neighbours from Pacific Border RV Park. Jim and Ingrid are staying the winter across the street at Outdoor Resort Indio where we stayed for a month the last time we were here. Bruce and Betty own an RV lot and Casita at Desert Shores. Their site has its own pool and wonderful hot tub.

November 16 we went RV shopping and didn't find anything. We reacquainted ourselves with the area. On November 17 we went on the tour then early evening we went in the hot tub at Bruce and Betty's. When people ask us if we miss our house, we say, no, just the hot tub! It's still true. It was so nice. Then we went to Sizzler with Jim and Ingrid.

November 18 we have a big 150 mile drive to Yuma. The weather is gorgeous. Since we've been here before there's not much exploring left to do. But we'll try! We're staying at a very nice park - The Palms. It's fairly new, only 2 years old. It has a huge clubhouse, a lap pool, a splash pool, two jacuzzis, craft rooms, etc. There are 453 sites. Most of them are quite large 40' x 80' so you're not right on top of your neighbour. We know a number of people who stay in Yuma and apparently a couple of them saw us arrive! Ken and Mavis, our friends from Vernon, come down here every year and we had dinner with them. A burger bash was held on the 20th. There had to be about 300 people here. $2.50 for residents, $3.50 for out-of-parkers, for a burger and all the draft beer you could drink. It went from noon to 3. There was a band and other entertainment. The clubhouse itself can seat 1000 people so they often get entertainment right from Vegas.

We've had a few clouds and the threat of some showers but other than that the weather has been great. The afternoon of the 20th we had the coach washed and hand waxed and it took the two guys 3 1/2 hours and they charged $125, so Larry tipped them and gave them $160 for an excellent job! It's even shinier now and all the water spots are gone. We had spent time in Yuma last time so we didn't have much sightseeing to do. We visited the Arizona Outdoor Market which is huge.

We spent the nights of the 22nd and 23rd in Tucson. This park was interesting because it's not our usual type! It is quite isolated and all gravel. The sites were large and view/sunsets/moonrises were amazing. The morning of the 23rd we went to the Pima Air and Space Museum. Included in our visit was a bus tour of the AMARG (Aircraft Maintenance and Regeneration Group) also known as "the Boneyard" which is part of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and a tram tour of 300+ planes they have outside. All the planes have a special white covering applied over certain areas of the plane to protect the instruments, radon, etc. There are 4300 planes in the boneyard and 80% of them are capable of flying within a few hours if necessary. Another incredible display. There were fighter jets and helicopters taking off from the AFB constantly fully loaded with missles. We're just not used to all that fire power! The volunteer docents were great. They know so much. Of course most of them were veterans who were experienced in many of the aircraft. One of the guys we met flew B52 Bombers.

We headed to Las Cruces, New Mexico the morning of the 24th and arrived about 2:30. The area is very barren and they warn of dust storms that could cause white-outs. Then there is a big rock formation in the middle of nowhere. There are unbelievably lots of little towns out here. Mostly cattle towns and agricultural towns. It's still sunny but quite a bit cooler. We were warned that it would get down to below 30 deg. while we are here...and it did. We unhooked our water each night so the outdoor line wouldn't freeze.

Thanksgiving Day was a lazy day - everything in town was closed up tight. Black Friday was uneventful because there is not a lot of big shopping here although the parking lot at Kohl's seemed quite busy. We drove out to Fort Selden and looked around. Then we came into the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum. It was excellent. There were lots of displays on the history of farming - lettuce, onions, cabbage, corn, alfalfa, peppers. Then displays on the history of ranching - along with real examples of the different types of cattle raised here. It was still quite cold. It didn't get over 10 deg C but was still sunny and dry.

We will head for Texas tomorrow (the 27th).

Eeee Haaaah!

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