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Our home for the next four days!

Enjoying some snacks with our new friends and car-companions

Ellen trying to get some sleep in the coffin-size top bunk

Enjoying a breakfast of oatmeal - where we'd take turns eating every...

Ellen: Holy cow it's a small little compartment! But first, here's how this tiny compartment is a total score! The lady we were referred to by a referral of a referral totally hooked us up. First she told us the prices of first class cars (2 berth compartments) and second class cars (4 berth compartments). She waited a while for us to discuss, but when it became apparent that we just couldn't convince ourselves to spend the money on first ($388 per person) she said she had something special. The compartment usually used by the provodnitsas (attendants) in a second-class car was empty because they were able to take a four-berth compartment for themselves. So their two-berth compartment was empty for a second-class price! We would get the privacy for half the price - she had a deal!

Kevin: It is a cosy little compartment, but preferable I think to the 4 berth, just because we could totally retreat into our own little sanctuary whenever we wanted. We met Dave and Kirsten from San Francisco, and Dave and Rob from the UK, all of whom are doing the Monkey Shrine trip we wanted to take, but after talking to them we realized we had saved a TON of money. Dave and Kirsten had an even better coup than we did--their 4 berth compartment only had the two of them in it! They were gracious enough to let all of us hang out in there whenever we wanted, which kept our cosy little compartment from becoming claustrophobic.

Travel Notes: Train #9 to Moscow, 2d class (but still only 2 berths), 11,042 Rubles($388) total (including commission), 3 days and 23 hours

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