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We boarded our coach to Hervey Bay's... bay and caught a ferry to Fraser Island, the largest sand island on the planet, or so i've been told. Our group was close to 17 people from England, Norway, Switzerland and Germany, but sadly most of them were neither inspirational in conversation nor in looks. Luckily for us as we arrived on Fraser's untouched beaches and sprawling forests in no time and our eccentric guide for the next three days outlined what was ahead.

Today we'd mainly see a few sights on Fraser's central areas starting with one of many lakes we would see. Though unfortunately the name of the lake escapes me, the image of it appearing through the bush will be hard to. Turquoise in colour, and completely still, it was surrounded by gently sloping white sands, so quite a good swimming spot really. From here we did a good walk through rainforest to a creek where we caught glimpses of rare birds etc. After lunch we drove 4 by 4 truck style to the great Lake McKenzie, truely the most beautiful lake in the world and one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It's big very big, but that's not it. It's all crystal clear freshwater and surrounded by stunning coutnryside and forests. Yes, it was bordering on freezing when swimming in it, but hey, you can swallow the water and not have to worry about the taste, and you can keep your eyes open and not worry about the stinging sensations that would usually follow in salt water. All in all it's the world's biggest swimming pool with the best views around!

That evening we had a few celebrationary drinks as it was my coming of age (19th Birthday) which was a tad anticlimactic because there was nowhere to go other than a little dingy karaoke bar. So what - the memories of the day will outlive the night for once!

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