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the road is long and straight



what is wrong with this rest stop?

scary rest stop

too cute






tourist trap!

keep Gaia close!






We didn't leave Benson until nearly noon -- Ron is sick, the same stomach crud that Randy, Jaime, and I had earlier

There is so much open space here, land not farmed, no ranches, just scrub brush and wilderness. It boggles the mind!

In Las Cruces we drove by around 100,000 cows, just corral after corral, for several miles. I thought they were beef cattle, but Harry says they are dairy cows, all owned by the same family! Unbelievable!

Ron says he is not eager to get back to the crowded interstates in the east -- it is much easier to merge onto the highway here!

I think they are pistachio trees!

New Mexico provides some interesting driving challenges. Fortunately for us, the wind was calm today!

We stopped at this tourist trap for gasoline --

--, the bathrooms were out of order, no coffee, the soda machines not working, so we had to stop at the next rest area:

When we got to El Paso we sat in front of Harry's home and watched the sunset!

So on to Texas!

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