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Harrahs Casino in the middle of the mountain

Pic from the top of Palomar Mountain

Pic from the top of Palomar Mountain

Pic of Lake Henshaw, on our way down the mountain

26 years ago today, a little baby entered into our lives. Today, we cannot get a hold of her. Boy how times change! Happy Birthday Crystal!

In celebration of her birthday and our new freedom, we jumped on our bikes and headed back up into the mountains. Mount Palomar is but 47 miles from Oceanside, yet it took us about 6 hours to ride up the mountain, have some lunch, and wind our way back down the mountain. On the way up the mountain, and in the middle of nowhere (Pala), we drove right past a huge casino. It wasn’t until we were past it when we thought that maybe we should have stopped in and tried our luck. Another hour away, and we ran into another casino….The Harrah's Casino. We stopped for our coffee break there. Coffee cost us $11.25. Not bad for a couple of hours of entertainment. We rode for another couple of hours before we ran into another casino (Valley View). We couldn’t believe it. All three were right in the middle of nowhere. Apparently there are 5 Casinos in and around this mountain. It was a long day, to say the least. Amazing! With the time change, it gets dark early here (it is pitch dark around 5:30) But, on the plus side, it’s still 17 C, and we are driving in our t-shirts. :)

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