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Combining two days into one posting:

Even though we were staying in one of the “premiere” membership sites last night, we couldn’t get internet access because the office closed at 4 p.m, and we arrived at 4:15!

Arizona is not that different from New Mexico and Nevada regarding climate, but the wilderness is unique: Drab colors, but a wider variety of underbrush and vegetation, and many plants that are taller than 12 inches!

Notes from the road:

--They grow cotton in Arizona. Who knew? In fact, they grow enough cotton each year to provide one pair of jeans for each adult in America!

--They also grow some sort of crop that I couldn’t identify: the trees don’t look like avocado, but had no fruit on them so I don’t know what they produce. Maybe some kind of nut?

--Beautiful homes here, even in the midst of the wilderness.

--How long could I live in place where there is such a dearth of grass?

--Who names a town “Wikiup?”

Ron is fighting off a cold. We’re supposed to drive all the way to El Paso tomorrow (290 miles!) We’ll see, may have to split it into two days. Harry doesn’t expect to be in El Paso til Monday evening anyway, flying in from Baltimore where he is doing battle with Jackie’s (former) companion, who refuses to move out even though John & Crystal are there now to stay with Jackie. If necessary we could stop in Deming or Las Cruces, and still get into El Paso before noon on Tuesday.

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