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3rd November

Cape Otway

Today we got on to the great ocean road trail up to Melboune. We managed to get lost in a few villages getting onto the road but then it was plain sailing. Although i hit a kukaburra and cried. We've spent weeks swirving for birds and mice but this one was just too close it would have been fruitless and dangerous to break for it as there was a car on the other side of the road.

We had a glimer of hope in Portlabd information centre when they told us yhey sometimes get Blue Whales in mid November when they have a nutrient upwelling. We took a phone number so we can check nearer the time and may come back. We went from harbour towns to dairy farms with rollin hills like Wales but with the cows being bothered by Parrots instead of crows. We stopped for a few shoreline look outs and saw London bridge which was arches formed from a headland, unfortunately the first arch had fallen 4years ago so it wasn't much like London bridge. We saw a cave pond thing and the 'famous' twelve apostles which were 12 stacks off the coast which I'm sure I read there was only three of. I've got a photo with only three of them just incase.

We followed signs to a chocholate factory but then realised that it was realy late as the clocks have gone forward an hour because today we entered the state of Victoria. We drove through fern forests next to sand dunes to find a camping spot and eventually settled on a site which we wern't sure about but it was in the trees and there were others here so we can blame them I we get told off by a park ranger. 

Matt spoke to our neighbours who told us to take a turn off for a lighthouse because there are loads of Eucaliptus trees and he saw either 15 or 50 wild Koalas there today. We shall find out tomorrow.


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