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As I looked out the window a blanket of snow covered Dingboche. It must have been about 6 inches deep. The sky was still grey and visibility was zero, I felt very worried I would have to stay an extra night here and to be honest I just wanted to get out of here. This place is tainted with illness and disappointment.

We went for an early breakfast and our guide - Rin - thinks it will be fine to trek today... relief! We left peaceful lodge and entered a peaceful snow covered Dingboche. It was very quiet and most of the snow was untouched except for animal prints. We started our descent through the snow and everything looked so different than before when we'd arrived. The sky was blue and the sun was shining so hot, I knew it wouldn't be long until all the snow had disappeared.

After walking for an hour we started to strip, we had been wearing everything we'd owned and now it was all brimming out of our packs. We trekked 1.5 hours through snow, sludge and mud puddles when we eventually made it to the little village we'd had lunch at on our way to Dingboche. As we sat and had our mint tea we looked out over the mountains watching a giant cloud that looked set to engulf us and take the glorious sunshine away. The water was pouring off the roofs of the houses so fast it seemed like a dam had burst. Just before we finished Joss passed me our groups itinerary for a little light reading, we are very keen to meet up with them as soon as possible. Upon reading I noticed that tomorrow evening they are staying in a town called Pheriche. This town is where the clinic is and was 30 minutes from Dingboche. Instantly I wished I'd read this sooner and we'd trekked over to there this morning. That way I could have seen a doctor about my cold and we could be reunited with our group a day earlier than planned.

We asked our poor porter who was carrying both our bags if he would mind if we turned back. Of course he didn't and we set off for a further two hour hike to Pheriche. The trek was tougher than I thought and as we were back trekking at altitude, my breathing was still causing issues. However I just took it slow and stopped at ever opportunity. Once we made it to Pheriche I went straight to the doctor who confirmed I just have a cold and gave me some medicine. I'm happy to know exactly what it is so I can take the correct medicine now and finally get rid of it!

We spent the afternoon in our tea house keeping warm by the fire. Joss had lots of travelers to chat too which I was thankful of, I'm feeling a bit boring at the moment and am happy to sit reading Harry Potter. Joss and Rin have decided to go on a hike tomorrow a bit higher to Loboche. This was the destination I couldn't make it to. I'm going to stay and relax, I want to be fit as a fiddle for our next trek with the group. We chatted to a couple of German guys who showed us pictures of base camp. They said it was a bit disappointing and minus 15 degrees, this cheered me up no end...

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