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goodbye las vegas

a touch of green as the season changes

November 5, first step on the road home!

We left Las Vegas heading for Boulder City and Hoover Dam, retracing the way we came in on October 13. Definitely more fun driving across the Dam rather than the new bridge: concrete buffers so tall you can't even see what you're driving over!

Could it get any better than driving down Boulder Highway to Lake Mead, with the Grateful Dead on the radio singing Ripple? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVdTQ3OPtGY&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

We are so sad about the Lake which, as these pictures show, is quite low compared even to the time when Randy started patrolling. Many islands visible which used to be totally submerged. When we traveled to Palm Springs we saw the other side of the equation, which is the huge water needs of a city that supports more than 100 golf courses, and re-seeds every fall, necessitating copious amounts of water! I shudder to think how low the lake will be by the time Natalie is 10 years old! Every place you see white was once under water!

Randy was in Boulder City on Wednesday ( I think, I was sick for two days and lost track of time!) Some group was doing something with (I think, but I'll probably get this wrong!) Big Horn Sheep, or some favored wildlife in the city of Boulder. Randy was there to make sure those checking the animals were not abusing them!

Sad to leave our baby girl, who has grown so much in the short time we've been here. She rolls over, loves to hear stories read by her momma and grammie, and watches the kitchen closely when it gets close to bottle time, to make sure someone is getting one ready!

Notes from the road:

1.Who lives here, and why?

2.Room for one in the back with Gaia?

3.36 inch carp fight for popcorn at the marina on Lake Mead, as ducks stand on their backs and pick off the choice pieces! Gee, RB, and we thought it was a feeding frenzy at the Catoctin Zoo!

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