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Saturday - Got up early to go to a local pub by 10am to watch the waratahs play the bulls in the Super 12's. After the game finished about 100 people came into the pub on a monopoly pub crawl. Might have to do that one day.

Sunday - Up early as we had to check out by 10am. We then went to our lansd lords pub and signed up for our share house. After about 30 min we had our keys and where ready to move in. Back to the hostel to pick up our bags. Thats when it happened. Silly me had a bag on my back, one on my front, one in my hand, I was pulling my suit case with another bag ontop, we I got to the top of the stairs and started to drift backwards and you guessed it, cameron fell all the way down the stairs. Now you might think it was lucky to land on my bags, but .... I broke a porcelin plate I had been carrying for 3 weeks becasue I didn't trust the turkish mail system. So hopefully the man will honer is word and replace it for me. When we got to the flat it was filthy, so two hours later Andrew and I had made it livable.

Monday - Had a sleep in today and was woken up by a painter wanting to paint our room, so in a rush I had to move all our stuff to the centre of the room so he could cover it. In the mean time Andrew came back and we cleaned the oven, what is happening to me???

Tuesday - Did nothing today but go shopping for groceries. By now we had met all the others in the flat. They are: A french guy, a french girl, a polish guy, a spanish guy, and an american guy, add us and there is 7 all together.

Wednesday - State of Origin. Up early and into the city to get to the walkabout pub to watch the game with about 200 just as drunk aussies. After that stayed in the city and then came home.

Thursday - Spent most of Thursday afternoon doing my CV hopeing to apply for jobs the next day.

Friday - Got to the internet cafe in the afternoon and by the time I had applied for 4 jobs I had received 2 phone calls and an email and as a result have 3 interviews on tuesday (monday is a public holiday).

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