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Before Leaving Tucuman...Guy at Hotel Helped Repair Bon's Pack Wheels









Bon's pack wheels on one side gave out last nite right in front of a hardware store w/ had wheels! This morning after another paltry brkfst. we bought the wheels and nuts and bolts and a young fellow working at the hotel w/ tools drilled holes and helped install/replace the broken wheel. Works well and have the spare fore when the other side gives out.

Bus to Salta left almost an hour late (llam), thru citrus orchards, hills and mtns in the distance, quite a change! Another clear, sunny day but we do continue the FLATS. Reaching a place called Guemes at 3:30pm we sit for 2+ hours, no explanation, just waiting for another bus (I guess this one is broken). Finally we board 2nd bus at 5:30...moved our own bags and then the kids loading our bags onto the 2nd bus ask for 'propina'(a tip) again!

Half hour later we're in Salta...big city terminal, short 3 blocks walk to Hostal La Salamanca where we get 10% discount for choosing them from a promo booklet I picked up in Bolivia. Dorm with 6 beds but we're the only ones in it so like a private room w/ our own bath, nice!

Head to cable car up San Bernardo Hill for an overview of the city before sunset. Wind kicks up big time and they have to shut down cable cars after we get up the Hill! Must happen often because they have taxis come up and take us down! Walk the town center - around 9th of July Park, lots of people, the cathedral, Argentinians eat late (9-10pm). This being a tourist town and kind of a holiday (ex Pres. & husband of present President died 3 days ago so it's a mourning period...lots of Argentinian tourists as well) bunches of folks everywhere. Altho the day got up to 95+ degrees it is a very dry area (desert) and it gets cool in the eves. We walk back to hostal after dinner - good salads and Jake & I share a classico Argentino = BBQ of 4 different meats (beef, chick, 2 sausages) + salad and grilled potatoes, the grill is brought right to the table. Argentinians eat as a social activity.

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