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On Bus, Panoramic Window Seats...Mari, Jake, & Bon...Unfortunately, Full Sun So Curtains...










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Got a paltry brkfst.(bread & tea) and walked 1/2 km to hwy where bus passing by picked us up at 9am. Easy frontier crossing to Posadas bus terminal in Encarnacion where we got tickets to Resistencia. These plans were decided in the Encarnacion bus station where we were intending to get a bus to Sta Cruz in Bolivia (Jake wanted to see the pantenal and Mari the Gran Chaco). We discovered that the bus from Encarnacion goes first to Asuncion (where we just were), and then at 8pm a 24 hour bus overnite to Sta Cruz, missing a lot of what we might see of the pantanal & Chaco!

Pantanal Info

Mari was not happy at first going to Bolivia on a 24 hr bus, now she's not happy going to Argentina, ha! Such are the vagaries of group travel. She does not travel as quickly as we've been going, would rather be in one place several days. Problem is we don't have enuf time for that kind of travel and still get to Ushuaia by no later than Xmas.

Arr in Resistencia at 6 and ckd bus onward to Salta - all are night buses!! We ckd any and all day buses and only one going even in our direction is to Tucuman lvg at 7:30am. We discuss the 2 options and decide to go to Tucuman (should have just bit the bullet and taken nite bus to Salta which is our destination). Now we'll be spending unnec. $$$ on ON and extra travel just to avoid some group discord (Mari!) Very little food choices near bus station where we end up in Hospedaje Fresnos, a very basic shared bath place just 2 blocks from the bus station.

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