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Sunny today, well partly! Bus lvs at noon:15 for 9 hr ride. Again flat...lots of cattle/cow ranches, brahma variety like India.

Brahman Cattle Info

Some of these appear to be really huge! Brazil buses had no vendors come aboard, one of few countries where we had to leave bus to buy anything. Paraguay is more typical again, vendors get on along the way not just bus stations, selling food/drink and sometimes stuff like toothbrushes, books, even preaching & selling God. So far Paraguay has had central long distance bus terminals where all the different agencies/buses are located.

Being Saturday, we pass dozens of rural houses w/ laundry hanging on fences, soccer games or volley ball going on, and folks just hanging on chairs in front of their homes watching the word go by! Interesting that we are doing the same on a bus...watching the world go by, but very diff worlds and yet somehow the same!

Arr @ 10 pm, taxi to Hotel Hamburg-room for 4, TV, bath, brkfst., $13 US ea.


After brkfst at 7:30, we head out via city bus to Itiapu Dam, largest capacity generating dam in the world! See pics. China has 3 Gorges and 27 generators but lack the volume of year round water, so Itaipu generates more power per year...87% of electricity for Paraguay & almost 20% of Brazil's! see pics

The name, Itaipu, comes from indigenous peoples name for a rock island in the middle of the Parama River which means 'singing rock' for the sound the river made crashing into it

Itaipu Dam Info


Iguazu Falls via Brazil to Argentina side. We left from border on a direct bus which passes thru Brazil non-stop (no passport check) to the Argentine side of the Falls. Timing was perfect since we arr at about 10am, spent the entire day, and caught the last return direct bus from Puerto Iquazu bus terminal at 5:45pm. It was partly cloudy in am and surned clear/sunny towards days end...perfect weather!

Iguazu Falls Info

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