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We wake up and Linda is thrilled with the beautiful sunrise over the ocean – her first, as a lifelong resident of the Pacific Coast. We go next to Nerja, less than two hours down the coast. Its reputation is for being less grand and very beautiful. We find this to be the truth, although the boutique hotel we hoped for closes for the season today.

We decide to treat ourselves to a lovely hotel on the beach. The old town is small so Linda can shop without worry of becoming lost and Mark spends some time on the computer. Linda buys a cool dress and now, of course, has no shoes. We go out to a small little restaurant for tapas; ice cream from one of the many vendors, and then stay up to go to a Flamenco show at a local club, The Burro Blanco.

We go to the club at 9pm and learn from the janitor that the show doesn’t start till

10:30pm, so we walk around the little streets until show time. The club is small –the waitress is dressed in skin tight Levis, stiletto heals, and a vest opened to ‘there’ with ample cleavage. The show comprises of three beautiful, voluptuous girls and (surprise) the janitor – they are in full flamenco regalia and dance beautifully. We recognize the themes of the various numbers from our museum education.

In between each dance, there is a costume change – very colorful and using the items we associate with classic Spain: fans, mantillas, hats, and a cape. They are amazing dancers and are exhilarating with their use of clapping and castanets. We return to our hotel room after midnight to sleep with the deck door open listening to the waves.

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