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We were up at 5AM for breakfast as we had an early start today, we travelled 45K along an unmade road along the Colca Canyon which is the deepest canyon in the world with a depth of over 4KM at it´s deepest point. It was a spectacular drive as the road clung to almost the top of the canyon. After an hour and a half we reached a point where we then walked along the canyon to a viewpoint where we hoped to see some Condors.

Condors are part of the vulture family of birds and can stand at 1.2 meters tall with a wingspan of over 4 meters. They nest in the rock face of the canyon and head out scavenging each morning (like vultures they only eat prey that is already dead, they´re not good hunters themselves), they like the canyon as the temperature at the bottom is often warmer than higher up which created thermal drafts which they use to uplift them to enable them to search for food, they rarely flap their wings in fact.

As time passed by we caught a few glimpses of condors lower down in the canyon but some distance away and then they disapeared. We thought that was it but suddenly they re-appeared and 4 of them started to fly extremely close to us as we checked each other out! It was a spectacular sight!! then to our amazement 3 of them landed on a rock nearby so we were treated to a close up look at them. We were really pleased!!!

Then followed the 45km bumpy journey back to Chivay where after a brief stop we left and drove back to Arequiepa.

We had a quick dinner and went to bed as we had an even earlier start the next day!!!

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