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Entrance Sign

Entrance Gate

Statue at Entrance to Museum

Gift Shop

Museum Rug in front of Doors

End of the Trail Statue

Canyon Princess

Abe Lincoln

John Wayne

Ronald Reagan

Charlton Heston

Jimmy Stewart Painting

American Rodeo

Main Events Poster

Bucking Bronc

The American Cowboy

Frontiersmen in Blue

Forntier Army

Calvary Rider

Prosperity Junction - Entrance or Exit

Buffalo Head in Saloon

Thompson House Hotel

Stagecoach in Livery Stable

Today we went to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. If you are a western fan, either rodeo, movies, history buff, etc, this museum has it all. Unfortunately, in a lot of the exhibit rooms you are not allowed to take photographs and in others you cannot use flash. In some of these areas, the lighting is so low that you have a hard time taking a photo without flash. Even so, I think I have some photos that ya’ll will like. At the far end of the entrance, there is an 18 ft tall, four ton sculpture called The End of The Trail. At the West Wing end of that hallway, they have a 16,000 lb, 18 ft tall white cougar called Canyon Princess. At the East Wing end of the hallway they have a sculpture of Abe Lincoln. They also have a lifelike statues of John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston at different areas of the museum. Prosperity Junction is a full size western town circa 1900 at dusk. Structures include a Hotel, Saloon, School, Bank, Church among others. The saloon had a buffalo head with hat and the Livery Stable had a Stage Coach. There was even a railroad car and station. We had lunch at Dining on Persimmon Hill, a restaurant associated with the museum.

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