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Heading here to meet Bon's sister, Mari, and fellow traveling companion (see previous trips), Jake who fly in in eve. where we meet them.

After an uneventful bus to the border, then an easy clout of Brazil and a stroll across the bridge ( which, by the way is not dangerous as the LP implies), we happily leave a costly Brazil and enter apre reasonable Paraguay. A luxurious AC bus trip of 6 hours (9 to 3 pm) for 50,000guarani ($10 US) ea. We ck out the 4-5 hotels closeby and decide Mari & Jake might want better digs after their long flight(s), so we head to city center and Pencion de Silva, an hour city bus ride but only 3,200g (75 cents US). It's an old colonial home turned into 'hostel', high ceilings, huge rooms, and a delightful family w/ Aunt Dona Angelina, the elderly gal/owner a joy to talk w/...very helpful, both she and her niece, also Angelina!

We head out to get bus #30A, 3 blocks away so we can get to airport in daylite. Tons of buses, but few 30As...we miss one because the 'A' is on window not above w/ number. Finally, after another half hour wait we get one and another 45 min. later hop off it

on hwy in front of airport. All is quiet here, no activity but luckily one restaurant is open! It's 7:30 so we have some pricey airport food and wait 'til 10:30 for Mari & Jake...

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