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Alfred P Murrah Federal Building Plaque

Centennial Clock Sign

Centennial Clock

East Gate of Time

West Gate of Time

Field of Empty Chairs

American Elm Sign

Survivor Tree Sign

Survivor Tree

Area Sign

Survivor Wall

Janet pointing to her name

Susan pointing to her name

Inside the Entrance to the Museum

Site in 1995 inside Museum

Bronze Seal Sign

Bronze Seal

A Penny for My Mom

Penny Walkway

Penny Poster from Dothan, AL

Outside sign showing site before bombing

Same sign showing Site Today

Explanation of sign 1

Explanation of sign 2

Explanation of sign 3

Victim and Survivor Auto Tag

Today we visited the Oklahoma National Memorial & Museum honoring the victims and survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. We were honored to have as our hosts two survivors who provided an additional insight to the happenings on April 19, 1995. Again, the pictures do not do justice to the memories or memorial. At the reflecting pool, there are two tall walls called the Gates of Time. On the East Gate is the time 9:01, indicating the innocence of the city before the attack. On the West Gate is the time 9:03, the moment we were changed forever. A field of empty chairs overlooking the reflecting pool represent the 168 lives lost in the blast. The Survivor Tree still stands where it did prior to the blast, having recovered from the blast and subsequent fires. The museum itself contains many artifacts, photos of people and damage, and stories of both survivors and about victims. An awesome experience. If you are in Oklahoma City, it is well worth a visit.

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